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NOVEMBER 11th 2023

When we think of a weekend at the chalet, we always imagine a very rustic chalet with one utensil out of 4 missing from the drawers. While it's always nice to disconnect on the shores of a lake, you have to admit that sleeping in "someone's" home is always a little uncomfortable, because you feel like you're entering someone's home. When you think of luxury cottages, they're beautiful, but they cost as much as a trip to the South, so let's face it....

Last year, by pure chance, I came across Etienne & Cathy's chalets in Kanata Tremblant (about 30 minutes from the village). I wasn't sure what to expect from a weekend there. The only thing I knew was that 1- they're super nice when you write to them and 2- the chalets are brand new. When I heard LES chalets, I didn't really understand. Usually, guests always have a chalet. Etienne & Cathy have a dozen chalets on the site. Yes, you read that right. Chalets for four or eight people (two to four bedrooms). What's even more fascinating is that the chalets are all different. The decor, the style, everything! In fact, you can see the styles on their web page and choose which mood you're in for your stay.

My favorite part is the welcome you get. Etienne & Cathy always pay attention to detail and offer that little something extra. Every time I go, I always get a personalized note from them with a small gift. The weekend of my engagement, a bottle of champagne was waiting for us. They even went to Ikea to buy children's crockery to make our stay more family friendly. You don't even need to bring your own personal products. There are cute little bottles for your hair, body and so on. Truly, you'll feel like you're in a hotel, but in a chalet!

And what about yje prices! Follow their Instagram page Instagram as they often effer room discounts of up to 30%. Nights starting at $200. In the meantime, I can offer you a 15% discount at any time with the code Meve-15.

For full details, visit yheir website Web.

Enjoy your stay!


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