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A helicopter tour in the region of Étienne and Cathy's chalets

Collaboration : Fanny Sadoule --- Instagram : @fannysdle

Quebec is a magnificent and vast province, regardless of the season. If you're considering exploring it in a different way, don't hesitate for a second: a helicopter tour is a must!

During our last stay at Étienne and Cathy's chalets, we had the opportunity to enjoy a 30-minute flight to discover the surroundings from a completely different perspective. You can book your flight with Héli-Tremblant, the company that can pick you up directly at the Kanata Tremblant Heliport, located within the chalet domain (upon request).



Héli-Tremblant offers numerous personalized excursions according to your preferences. You can choose between flights that allow you to admire the Mont-Tremblant National Park and/or the surrounding region. Several packages of different durations are available: 10, 20, 30, or 60 minutes. The excursions are for groups of 1 to 3 people and are available throughout the year. For larger groups (4 to 5 people), please contact Héli-Tremblant directly for a customized package.


We had a morning appointment at the Kanata Tremblant Heliport for our flight. We waited for the helicopter to arrive and took the opportunity to chat. Once it arrived, we got directly on board. The pilot provided us with a headset with a microphone to communicate with all passengers.

Once settled in, we took off quite quickly. The sensation of rising in the air in such a small space is exceptional. The view is also magnificent, as the structure is narrow enough to allow you to see the Earth from a very vertical perspective beneath the helicopter.

A light snowfall began at the start of our flight, even though it was early October, so we decided to head towards where the weather was more favorable. During our excursion, the pilot provided us with some information about the points of interest we saw from the helicopter. We flew over numerous places: the Rivière Rouge Valley, several villages, and a multitude of lakes.

We loved our first helicopter experience to enjoy the beautiful autumn colors! Our 30 minutes of flight passed by quickly, especially considering the time required to depart and return to the Kanata Tremblant Heliport. We highly recommend this activity to discover Quebec in a different way!

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